Heida and sustainability

Be yourself the change that you want for this world.

Mahatma Gandhi

What does sustainability mean for Heida? Heida is a small but fine online boutique and we also pay attention to our ecological footprint. Our interpretation of sustainability includes various aspects. For example, we prefer suppliers from Europe because short distances are important to us. We would like to offer more sustainable clothing in our online boutique step by step and place value on sustainable packaging when ordering.

Together we can achieve a lot more. Sustainability is a process, constant improvement and learning. At Heida, we are entitled to contribute to a positive change in our environment and to make a contribution within our framework. Our brands are carefully selected suppliers from Europe. It is important to us that our clothes cover a short delivery route - we particularly appreciate the proximity to our business partners. Among other things, we obtain our clothes from the fashion label "Withblack", which offers sustainable products in every collection. Our goal is to work with several European fashion brands in the future that focus on sustainability.

So that you get an overview faster, we have provided clothing with a sustainability seal. So you can recognize easier sustainable clothing. Products are marked with us as "Heida stands for sustainability" if they contain at least 30% sustainable fibers or have been manufactured using responsible procedures.

Of course we know that you could do a lot more. We also want to achieve this in our online boutique and you can help us, because the size depends. Pay attention to a CO2 Friendly order! This means that only order the clothes that you really like to enable a one -off delivery and minimize the packaging size. Read the product description carefully and use our size table. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Are you looking forward to your order now? Of course we also and do not miss the opportunity to pack your selection nicely. We make sure not to use too much material and use only environmentally friendly packaging for you.

Our shipping bags are 100 % recyclable and made of recyclable film "Made in Germany".  Our packages are plastic -free and made of recyclable cardboard. Well cardboard generally has a low footprint and here too we rely on products from Germany.

Open your order like a gift. To protect your clothes, we pack your selection in recyclable tissue paper. Our adhesive label, which is also made of recyclable material, ensures the cohesion. 

We look forward to your order, because we do everything with love and together we pay attention to our environment.