A dress, like an exciting date

Ein Kleid, wie eine aufregende Verabredung

"Love at first sight" - our maxi dress with ruffles.

Girls, do you still remember your last and exciting date? The heart beats faster and the excitement rises to the limit... Summum's maxi dress makes our hearts beat faster on a regular basis. This dress makes you wish you were sitting in a swanky restaurant with a sparkling Prosecco in hand.

And exactly for this occasion we style you:

First of all, keep calm! If you've treated yourself to this dress from our online boutique, you're already halfway there. You will look stunning. Whether it's a celebration or a visit to your favorite restaurant, you'll draw everyone's attention. We recommend dark and open sandals with heels. In cold weather, a pretty pair of pumps in a similar color will do. Carry only a discreet handbag with such an elegant dress, so that you and the dress are in the foreground. Take a picture of our dress and share it on Instagram and Facebook with #IchTrageHEIDA. We are very excited to see you!

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